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"The Best is yet to come - Geriausia dalis ateityje"
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    The Lithuanians
  • Who are we talking about that came to the Baltic region thousands of years ago?
  • What happened to these ancient people?
  • What is the National Anthem ?
  • Where are they today ?
  • Where is Lithuania ?
  • How is it possible for such a small nation to survive so long ?
  • Why are so many interested in a language that is as modern as it is old ? OLDEST and ORIGIN
  • You might just find some answers to these questions here.
  • Maybe our network will take you on a most interesting journey.
  • Maybe you will participate in our Internet Community.
  • Maybe you will learn a word or two or more.
  • Maybe you will hear some music from Folk to Present Day.
  • Maybe you will see some video, television or our own programs.
  • Maybe you will discover the over 1,000 URL pages that we built.
  • Maybe that burning inside will find answers to those unasked questions.
  • Did you find the door you have been seeking?
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  • This site is a living, active resource with changing daily activity.

Who are we?
We are the Lithuanians, Those of Lithuanian descent and Those Interested in Lithuania.
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Welcome to Lithuania - Lithuania's 60 Cities and Towns. Lithuania is in Central Europe, Take this Must See tour of Lithuania.
See this jewel on the Baltic - Set a few minutes asside. You will be glad to experience a virtual trip to Lithuania
See this presentation in full view.

`iauliai, Hill of Crosses, - Kry~ių Kalnas
A site of pilgrimage near the city of `iauliai, in northern Lithuania. The first crosses were placed on the hill in 14th century. Although the Soviets worked hard to remove new crosses, and bulldozed the site at least three times, the new crosses continued to appear and by 1985 the Soviet authorities had given up. After the political change the crosses were counted by enthusiasts from `iauliai. They found 14,387 big crosses and about 41,000 small crosses. There are more today
The history of this site may answer some questions about a people who never quit and who they are.

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