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This book is made available on line because of the interest in Lithuania by various people. This will be an added resource about Lithuania its culture, traditions, folklore, history and interesting facts.

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Raymond Balta

a compilation of Lithuanian resources

HTML version by Raymond Balta
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Milton, Massachusetts USA

Appearing on the Internet as a spnsored project by people who care about their heritage
Raymond Balta, webmaster of "The"
(c) The 2009
and The Lithuanians Yahoo Group
Your support of projects like this is appreciated

Copyright Notice

This book is free for personal, educational, noncomercial use. LITHUANIA may be reproduced and distributed, in whole or in part, subject to the following conditions:

The copyright notice above and this permission notice must be preserved complete on all complete or partial copies. Any translation or derivative work of LITHUANIA must be approved by "The Lithuanians" in writing before distribution. If you distribute LITHUANIA in part, instructions for obtaining the complete version of this book must be included, and a means for obtaining a complete version provided. Small portions may be reproduced as illustrations for reviews or quotes in other works without this permission notice if proper citation is given.

Given the copyright above, you are free to print and distribute copies of this book. You may either distribute this book free of charge.

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