This presentation will be that of simple words, phrases and sentences in English and Lithuanian text and audio

This is an attempt to demonstrate the activity of "The Lithuanians.'"

It is hoped that you will learn through this project, a continuing independant effort supported by members of "The Lithuanians Yahoo Group" and others who see the merit of this effort to advance Lietuvybe, That Lithuanian Spirit.

Learn some Lithuanian. A language that is as modern as it is old. And, it is quite old, having survived events that defy comprehension. A language that may be a "key" to the distant past and a Language that has out lived the ancient languages of days gone by.

...........English ........... ...........Lithuanian...........
How Was Your Day? [617] Kaip Sekėsi?
Where is My Brother? [661]Kur Mano Brolis?
Months of The Year [684] Metų Mėnesiai
Vacation [648] [668] Atostogos
Seasons And Days [697]Sezonai ir Dienos
Greetings [700] Sveikinimai
Common Phrases [3560]Bendrieji Posakiai
Expressions [3832] Posakiai
Choo Choo Little Train - Childrens Poem [4578] Čiuku Čiuku Traukiniuku
Parts of the Body [5465] Kūno Dalis

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