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Lithuanian Language

Gain some knowledge of the Lithuanian Language. Group members are members of The Lithuanians Yahoo Group who wish the extra exposure to language lessons.

Audio interaction on our website is used to expand communication with members in an attempt to gain some basic conversational Lithuanian.

Go to the "Contact Us" Tab to see the main subject areas. "The Lithuanians" is our Focus Group and covers all areas of interest, the biggest is in media, as you might notice from this website.

This website, "The Lithuanians" is supported by member contributions and passersbye to cover production and operating costs and the continuation and growth of various programing. Support it through a direct contribution, through the Partner program, subscription to our Member Area [annual support dues], through our Store - Parduotuve.


  • Language School - Saturday School Learn a word or two, a phrase. Take the first basic step to read and hear Lithuanian. You can come here any time. The school is open seven days a week. Subscribe to the Member Archive.
  • We are conducting an Open House at our Saturday School.
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