`eatadieninė Mokykla -Saturday School

Many years ago many attended Saturday School to learn the Lithuanian language, history,
culture and music.But many didn't have the opportunity for various reasons. Or some have
a new found interest in the language and the people. Now, this site is attempting to bring
to you in a small way that Lietuvybe / Lithuanian feeling.

The presentation started in 2001 and will be that of simple sentences, phrases and words in
English with Lithuanian translation and a link to audio

The Lithuanians Web Site will demonstrate the activity of the "The Lithuanians Yahoo Group

It is hoped that you will learn from this also.

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  • The text being used for these classes is Introduction to Modern Lithuanian,
    apparently has gone into a second printing and is now available again.
    It is called Beginners Lithuanian - a soft cover and is available at
    The Lithuanians Store - Parduotuve. There is a commentary in the Forward below.

    With the additional space afforded by our new website, efforts will be expanded,
    to bring Lithuianian culture and more to those who seek it.

    These language lessons, classes, are conducted for this purpose.
    Come to Saturday School when you have the time and learn some lithuanian.
    Teach yourself and hear the words. Every effort will be made to make it simple.

    Buy this inexpensive book and follow along. Also, consider getting the Lithuanian Dictionary ,
    (actually two in one, Bilingual Dictionaries) published by Routledge by Bronius Piesarkis and
    Bronius Svecevicius [the maroon cover]. There is a grammar section in the center, outstanding

    Join The Lithuanians Yahoo Group learn more about Lithuania.
    Support this effort.

    This project started in 2001 and ran out of room. A new website was created
    in 2004 to accomodate growth.

    You can show your support as a passerby to help this Web site
    continue to spread Lietuvybe / That Lithuanian Spirit.