Kiakis Piakis, Kirmėlė Mirmėlė,
Skruzdėlė Druzdėlė
- Trys Draugai
The Hare, The Worm, The Ant
- Three Friends

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Kiakis Piakis, Kirmėlė Mirmėlė, Skruzdėlė Druzdėlė - Trys Draugai
The Hare, The Worm, The Ant - Three Friends

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Vien kart, senais laikais, gyveno trys draugai: Once upon a time, in olden times, there where three friends.
Kiakis Piakis, Kirml Mirml, ir Skruzdl Druzdl. The Hare, the Worm and The Ant - three friends
Jie gyveno Aukataitijoj, They lived in Aukatai ius.
Joniakio mieste, In the Town of Joniakis.
Mindaugs kaime. In the village of Mindaugas.
Jie visk dar kartu. They did every thing together.
Jie jo ~vejoti. They went fishing.
jo pasivaika ioti. Went for walks.
Miegojo kartu. Slept together.
Ir valg t pat/ valg/. And ate the same food.
Vien dien, miaku jo med~iotojas, ieakodamas kiakio nuaauti vakarienei. One day, a hunter was going through the forest searching for a hare to shoot for supper.
Skruzdl pamat med~iotoj ir paklaus: -Med~iotojau, ko tu ieakai? The Ant saw the hunter and asked - "Hunter who are you looking for?".
Med~iotojas atsak:- Ieakau Kiakio Piakio nuaauti vakarienei. Gal tu matei Kiak/? The hunter answered." I'm looking for the Hare to shoot for supper. Maybe you saw the Hare?".
-Ne, nema iau, -atsak Skruzdl Druzdl.- Kiakis Piakis ia jau negyvena.". "No, I haven't seen him." answered the Ant. "Maybe the Hare doesn't live here anymore."
Dabar pasirod Kirml Mirml. And now comes the Worm..
-Kirmle Mirmle,- klausia Skruzdl Druzdl. - Med~iotojas ieako Kiakio Piakio, ar tu j/ matei? "Worm," asks the Ant," the hunter is looking for the Hare, did you see him.".
-Ne, nema iau, bet girdejau, kad jis nujo ~vejoti- atsak Skruzdl Druzdl. No, I haven't seem him - but I heard that he went fishing.. replied The Ant.
-Med~iotojau,- paklaus Kirml Mirml, - gal nortum pasiimti mano meaker ir eiti ~vejoti? "Hunter," asked the worm, "maybe you would like my fishing pole and go fishing,".
Med~iotojas, nordamas gauti bet ko vakarienei, atsak: The hunter wishing to have something for supper, replied..
-A ik, Kirmle Mirmle, labai a ik.- Geriau ~uvis ant stalo, nei tua ias pilvas. Thank you very much, Worm, thank you very much. Better a fish on the table, than to have an empty stomach."
Med~iotojas pam meaker ir iajo ~vejoti.. And the hunter took the fishing poll and went fishing.
O Skruzdl Druzdl ir Kirml Mirml nujo namo. Oh, The Ant and The Worm went home.
Argi ne gerai turti tikrs draugs? Isn't it nice to have friends?
Taigi, Kiakis Piakis, Kirml Mirml ir Skruzdl Druzdl dar ir dabar laimingai gyvena miake. And so, the Hare, the Worm and the Ant still live happily in the forest.

Written by: Raymond Balta
Edited by: Ryt Liepa
Art by: Sharon Allen

art - by Sharon Allen, derry, nh,usa


Written by Raymond Balta,

© story copyright Raymond Balta